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Alexandria "Alex" Christine Cooper (Born in October 23, 2002) is the oldest child of John and Korey Cooper .

Life on the Road[]

Alexandria and her younger brother Xavier Cooper travel on the road while their parents tour through the year. Both her nanny and Korey homeschool her. Both Alexandria and Xavier watch their parents perform sometimes. She is also an official production assistant for their parents’ band.

Personal Life[]

When she is not touring on the road with Skillet, she lives in Wisconsin and attends online college through Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA). She also attends the Living Light Christian Church in Wisconsin as well. Her favorite food she said, happens to be her mom‘s homemade tuna salad.


Alexandria started taking violin lessons in 2008. In a Q&A on Instagram, she stated her favorite hobbies include “dabbing” and “making dumb videos”. In addition, she has stated that “skydiving“ was on the top of her bucket list.


John wanted to name his first kid "Phoenix", but Korey liked the name "Alex". As a compromise, they decided on the name "Alexandria".


Alex had appeared in the following Skillet YouTube podcasts:


Alexandria is a narrator is Skillet's newest album "Rise ." She reads Isaiah 53 in the intro to Salvation. Other than being a production assistant for the band, she also attends her parent’s shows along with her brother, and appears frequently in videos on the official Skillet YouTube channel.


Salvation intro (Skillet)